Outdoor First Aid (Level 1)

Remote Emergency Care; Outdoor First Aid Level 1 (8hr)

This Remote Emergency Care first aid, outdoor first aid training is ideally suited to those who work or play in the outdoors and may have to deal with first aid incidents when at a distance from emergency services.

Course Covers:

  • Scene management and personal protection
  • Legal considerations
  • The DRABCDE of first aid
  • Dealing with unconscious patients
  • Opening the airway
  • The Safe Airway Position
  • Choking
  • Assessing breathing
  • Serious bleeding
  • Burns
  • Dealing with spinal injuries
  • Communicating for help
  • Dehydration, hypothermia, hyperthermia
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Signs of Sepsis


We firmly believe in a pragmatic approach to first aid training. It should be based around the following concepts;

Equipping you with the knowledge of how and why things happen within the body.

Giving you the understanding of how to deal with certain situations as they unfold.

Building your confidence to know that if it is working then it is good enough.

The end result is what we are looking for, the three P’s of first aid training; Preserve life, Promote recovery, Prevent further harm.


This course is delivered by outdoor people for outdoor people, and will involve plenty of outdoor scenarios.

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Upcoming Course Dates

21/09/2024 Andover, Hants £90.00
12/10/2024 Andover, Hants £90.00
14/11/2024 Andover, Hants £90.00
02/12/2024 Andover, Hants £90.00

Outdoor First Aid (Level 1) is offered as a bespoke course. Contact us with your dates and locations

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