Defensive driving

Encouraging a proactive, defensive driving mindset

This training package is a highly tailored session with the aim of improving the driver's overall awareness and safety. The focus will be to change the driver's mindset to a more proactive, defensive driving style rather than a reactive one.

Course Covers:

  • Short assessment drive
  • Practical drive looking focusing on the defensive mindset

This training package can be tailored for the individual or organisations whose staff have limited driving experience or limited vehicle familiarisation.  Training normally follows a short in-car driving assessment and is focused on improving defensive driving skills and tackling highlighted weaknesses.  The length and detail is designed on a case-by-case basis and tailored to the operating environment. The sessions require access to the drivers’ normal vehicles, ideally driving on simlar road conditions to that which they will be working.

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Defensive driving is offered as a bespoke course. Contact us with your dates and locations

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