Outdoor First Aid (Level 1)

Remote Emergency Care; Outdoor First Aid Level 1 (8hr)

A one-day certificated practical option in our range of outdoor first aid courses. The course involves plenty of hands-on practice including outdoor scenarios. It is perfect for teachers, outdoor workers, fieldworkers and Duke of Edinburgh first aid.

Course Covers:

  • Scene management and personal protection
  • Legal considerations
  • The DRABCDE of first aid
  • Dealing with unconscious patients
  • Opening the airway
  • The Safe Airway Position
  • Choking
  • Assessing breathing
  • Serious bleeding
  • Burns
  • Dealing with spinal injuries
  • Communicating for help
  • Dehydration, hypothermia, hyperthermia
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

The course focuses on first response skills and the ability to deal with a life-threatening incident when a more experienced first aider is not available. It is one of our most popular outdoor first aid courses being ideal for outdoor workers, teachers and anyone looking to learn the core skills for dealing with first aid situations in an outdoor setting. It is perfect for both students and staff looking for Duke of Edinburgh first aid courses and meets the needs of a range of organisations, employers and awarding bodies who request an 8 hour, outdoor focused first aid course.

This course is run regularly as an open course for individuals but is also very popular as an in-house bespoke course within schools, universities and companies.  It is often run alongside field safety or driver training programs to give a tailored training package.

If you would like to discuss the options or are not sure which course would suit you then please just drop us a line.


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Upcoming Course Dates

30/09/2017 Hungerford £85.00 SOLD OUT
09/10/2017 Near Andover £85.00 SOLD OUT
28/10/2017 Hungerford £85.00
18/11/2017 Hungerford £85.00
04/12/2017 Near Andover £85.00
20/01/2018 Hungerford £85.00
15/02/2018 Near Andover £85.00
24/02/2018 Hungerford £85.00
12/03/2018 Near Andover £85.00
07/04/2018 Hungerford £85.00
26/04/2018 Near Andover £85.00
26/05/2018 Hungerford £85.00
18/06/2018 Near Andover £85.00
07/07/2018 Hungerford £85.00
23/08/2018 Near Andover £85.00
22/09/2018 Hungerford £85.00
15/10/2018 Near Andover £85.00
10/11/2018 Hungerford £85.00
03/12/2018 Near Andover £85.00

Outdoor First Aid (Level 1) is offered as a bespoke course. Contact us with your dates and locations

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