4x4 On Road

Understanding 4x4 vehicle handling on-road

The temptation is to use the 4x4 vehicle in an on-road situation the same as a normal road vehicle. This course looks at the differances of driving a 4x4 vehicle in an on-road situation both from a driving safely point of view but also in terms of ensuring the vehicle is used appropriately to limit mechanical breakages and save money.

Course Covers:

  • Vehicle Handling
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • 4x4 Drive systems
  • Defensive driving
  • Eco Driving


This course is designed for drivers who will be using 4x4 vehicles on and off road.  This session normally follows an assessment and is focused on 4x4 vehicle handling capabilities in on-road situations. Understanding the differant types of 4x4 drive systems and how they effect driving on tarmac and also in adverse weather conditions. The course is interactive with a coached drive, demonstration drive, hazard awareness and advanced driving techniques.

Correctly used a 4x4 can provide the best possible solution to many businesses and organisations, however without providing training to those drivers, you could be putting them and other road users at greater risk. This course is designed to address this by providing drivers with safer driving skills and a greater safety awareness when using 4x4's. 


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