Recovery and Winching

Safe recovery and winching techniques for 4x4 drivers

Our recovery and winching course is designed to give you the knowledge and skills to get your 4x4 back on track. Recovery training can be tailored to the experience levels of the participants and provides essential winch training for this extremely useful but potentially dangerous equipment.

Course Covers:

  • Equipment selection and use
  • Vehicle attachment points
  • Self recovery and use of traction aids
  • Practical recovery training
  • Winch training for safe winching

Serious accidents to people and vehicle can easily happen when using ropes, straps and winching to recover a stuck vehicle. Standing in the wrong place, attaching to unsuitable recovery points or just not understanding the forces involved can turn what should be a simple recovery into a nightmare. Anyone using winches in their work environment must receive proper training in their safe use and we are able to provide LANTRA accredited winching courses by arrangement..  Our recovery and winching training will, however, also suit those who use winches as part of their leisure activities. A day spent with one of our instructors could enhance your skills and enjoyment of off-roading as well as giving key rescue and winching skills to get you out of a tricky spot.

Whether you are a new 4x4 owner, a hardened overland traveller or a winch challenge competitor you will learn how to safely manage recovery and winching situations.

The course will cover simple recoveries using traction aids such as waffle boards and sand mats, rope or strap recovery, self winching and winching another vehicle, use of pully/snatch blocks. As the day progresses the recoveries will get increasingly more problematic and will reinforce the learning and safe practices learnt earlier in the day. By the end of the day you will be better prepared to safely extract a stuck vehicle from difficult locations, or for the winch challenge teams you will be able to negotiate and position your car to improve scores and work safely as a team.

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Recovery and Winching is offered as a bespoke course. Contact us with your dates and locations

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