University field safety training a big hit

As if the day wasn’t sunny enough – this lovely email brought some extra sunny cheer to the office this morning.  Some lovely feedback on our university field safety training carried out recently at Durham University.  We were so pleased with it that we had to share it!

The undergraduate training session went extremely well. We were very impressed, from the first minute, by the professional behaviour of the trainers. Furthermore, we had some amazing feedback from the students. I have to say that in 6 years it is the first time I have seen a large cohort of students who unanimously agree on the quality of teaching/training provided; you always get a few unhappy bunnies, but not this time. It was unanimously recognised that the training provided had significantly enhanced their perception of health and safety in the field. It was also recognised that they now understand better the significance and the importance of the paperwork they have to fill in in advance of their independent fieldwork.

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