The importance of quality training in field safety


A few weeks back in Johannesburg we ran a field safety course with a difference.  Instead of our more regular courses in hard skills like outdoor first aiddriver training or outdoor skills, this course looked at training skills.

improving quality field safety training

train the trainer for field safety

The course was for health and safety managers as well as camp managers and geologists.  Over three days the course focused not on their technical health and safety skills but on their training abilities.

Even as an organisation priding ourselves in quality and innovative training and with a team of highly experienced trainers, the course gave us chance to reflect on the powerful results effective training can have.

Many of the attendees managed health and field safety in remote areas.  They recognised training as a key part of their role but the more we discussed the day to day briefings, meetings and interactions with other staff, the more they saw the wider implications of fully understanding learning styles, adapting training to suit your audience, using alternative training aids and innovative ideas.

Training plays an absolutely critical role in all field safety.  It is so often the link between high level policy and the realities of what happens in the field.  With poor quality training comes lack of understanding, lack of engagement and ultimately less safe ventures.  Conversely quality training engages staff and participants, ensures they understand and remember the key points that you are wanting to get across and makes a massive contribution to safety be it in a school, on an expedition or in remote geology field camps.

We really enjoyed the chance to contribute to the training quality of one of our clients and as ever it gave us a valuable chance to reflect on new ways to improve and develop our own training.  If you are interested in running train the trainer courses in your organisations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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