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Training Expertise, Driver Training – Winter Driving Preparations

I was driving in to work this morning when I hit a pothole and got a flat tyre. It was so frustrating; the tyre was still in good condition and still had plenty of miles left in it. On the build up to Christmas having to fork out for a new tyre, alignment and balancing etc, etc, etc is definitely an expense that I could cope without.

Do you have everything you need

Make sure you are ready for the bad weather.

So amid the grumbles I changed the tyre feeling grateful that this time it was on the way into work and not at night, in the snow with my 2 year old daughter “patiently” waiting in her car. I felt almost efficient and well-practised, rather than Daddy trying to change the wheel fumbling through the ordeal by the light of the screen of his iPhone; most definitely not an ideal situation.

It really made me think, how prepared for winter am I? When was the last time I checked my tyre pressure, my screen wash and my wiper blades? Do I have jump-leads a jumper or blanket in the car? Where did I put that torch?

When I got into work a friend confessed that he didn’t know how to change a tyre… Do you?

How prepared are you?

Here is the RAC’s list of check that you should make in Preparation For Winter Driving

Here is a video of theirs on Safe Driving Tips for Winter

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MIDAS and the maze of minibus training

Do you or your staff need to drive minibuses?

Many people end up in the position of having to drive a Minibus without having had any further driver training since passing their driving test.

Often people are unclear if they are qualified, nervous of the size of the vehicle, worried that they might hit something, or not be able to manoeuvre it or squeeze into parking spaces.

Unusual minibus hazard

The solution –  The MiDAS training and assessment scheme was originally developed by Hampshire County Council and is now administered nationally through the Community Transport Association UK.  It is a nationally recognised and accredited  training and assessment scheme giving the standard to which all minibus drivers should drive.

We run the MiDAS scheme and can provide both classroom based and practical driver training at your school, company, college or university. Each driver will spend time behind the wheel,  improving their existing skill levels and gaining confidence with these larger vehicles.  Developing safer driving practices and reducing those little knocks and bumps that cost time and money to be fixed.

Staff that passed their car driving test after Jan 1997 will not have a D1 category licence and would need to take the DSA Minibus test at a relevant Driving Test Centre locally. They will also not have category E allowing them to tow larger trailers. Contact us for more information and course availability.