Register Your Phone for Emergency SMS

Emergency SMS Registration

Simple Guide to Registering Your Phone for Emergency SMS

Working in Remote Environments is an amazing experience but it comes with inherent risks, one of which is poor communications. Register your phone for Emergency SMS now.

On many of our Outdoor First Aid Courses we are asked questions about communication with the Emergency Services;

One very quick and easy way of dealing with weak signal is to register your phone to contact the Emergency Services by SMS. Text messages can be sent even when signal is weak or intermittent.

When you add other compounding factors associated with dealing with an emergency in remote locations, getting all the information down into a clear concise text message makes the situation much easier to deal with.

What will the Emergency services need to know:
– Who? Is sending the message.
– What? Is the problem, including the state of casualty.
– What? Services are required.
– Where? Are you. Give location as accurately as possible, GPS, Grid Reference or a nearby landmark.
– Wait… Now wait where you are for a confirmation reply call or text.

For more information and advice on who to contact in an emergency or how to deal with situations in remote environments, book onto one of our Outdoor or Expedition First Aid Courses.

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