Mountain safety – are your outdoor skills up to spotting bombs!

Well this is a new field safety tip for us as mountain rescuers have warned walkers and runners after dangerous unexploded shells were found on moorland.  We’ve never thought of spotting unexploded shells as a key part of your outdoor skills, but maybe we need to start including it on our outdoor skills training courses!

The discovery on Monday followed a tip-off by a fell runner who noticed the piece of ordnance while running above Langsett in the North-East of the Peak District.

The area was formerly used as a military firing range and has been the scene of various discoveries of unexploded shells in the past.

The moors above Langsett, crossed by the Cut Gate path, were used as a firing range and unexploded ordnance is often found at the end of winter as the shells are forced to the surface from the movement of the peat bogs.

bomb spotting - new outdoor skills

exploded bomb safely detonated by teams in the mountains

Being called out for unexploded shells is an unusual addition to a busy five days for the mountain rescue team, which also helped provide safety cover for the Ten Tors challenge event run by the Army on Dartmoor over the weekend.

Mr Roberts said: “Woodhead members were kept on their toes throughout the event assisting Dartmoor Rescue Group rescue in excess of 14 teenagers from the notoriously inclement Dartmoor weather.”

“The rescues included locating lost teams and taking them to a place of safety. Two competitors were treated for mild hypothermia while another was treated for a leg injury.”

As ever the story is a reminder of the tireless work that mountain rescue teams do in helping out those who get into trouble in the mountains.  For more details read the full story here.

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