HSE & Outdoor First Aid Training

Since October 2013 there has been a lot of confusion regarding how First Aid has been impacted by the changes to HSE First Aid Governance. Where does Outdoor First Aid Training fit in?

Training Expertise First Aid Explore, 2013 (36)

The fundamentals;

– What course should I choosee?
~ The HSE have handed the employer the power https://pilloleitalia.net/viagra-prezzo/ to choose what first aid provision is necessary in their work place.
~ If your work means that you spend most of your time outdoors, you no longer have to do a first aid course designed for office workers. Choose one tailored to your working environment.
~ For people working outdoors our 16hr Remote Emergency Care, Outdoor First Aid for Fieldworkers – L2 (FAFW -L2) is the perfect alternative.

– Is this going to cost me lots of money?
~ No. Many employers are choosing 16hr (2day) outdoor based first aid courses over the 18hr (3day) First Aid at Work (FAW) course.
~ When compared to the FAW course the FAFW-L2 is much cheaper. Being a two day course (but only two hours less contact time) you could be saving as much as £650, and that’s before taking into consideration time away from work.

– How many people should I have trained?
~ It is now up to you. The original guides were sensible, but with the saving on the course cost the more the merrier. We can certificate up to 12 people for the same cost. Our courses are costed on a per day basis!

– What about the Emergency First Aid at Work Course?
~ Our FAFW-L1 (8hr) runs at the same price as the old EFAW courses as they are all run in one day.
~ Being two hours longer this gives us more time for practice, detail and tailored content.

– Does this affect me if I still want one of the EFAW/FAW series courses?
~ No. We still deliver the Workplace First Aid FAW/ EFAW courses.
~ If your requirements haven’t changed then neither will the service you receive; outstanding training by outstanding trainers!

For more information; Please contact one of the Training Expertise Team.

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