Finding the right outdoor first aid course – new HSE guidelines

It can be a bit of a maze trying to find the right first aid training for you – and more changes to first aid regulations from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  are expected to come into force on 1 October, subject to ministerial approval.

The upside of these changes will be it may help to take the emphasis off the ‘standard’ First aid at Work style courses and give greater flexibility to choose training providers and first aid training that is appropriate for your needs and risks. Whilst this freedom has actually always been in the regulations many people have felt they had to have what they often referred to as “the HSE one”.

outdoor first aid training

Relevant and practical first aid training for your environment

For many of our clients who work in outdoor or remote areas the new guidelines may allow people more freedom to chose an outdoor first aid, or expedition first aid course if this is more relevent to their working environment.

You can read the full draft HSE guidance on choosing courses and providers but rest assured that Training Expertise will continue to offer a range of fully certified workplace and outdoor first aid options.

If you would like to discuss which course is best for you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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