Field safety support in Namibia

Our field safety training is based firmly on real field experience.  All our trainers are active fieldworkers and expedition leaders and as well as training, they work regularly out in the field as medics and fieldwork safety advisors.  Dom has just returned from Namibia where he spent a week in the desert providing on-site field safety support to one of our clients.  We thought we’d share a few photos and some of his experiences.

field safety in the Namibian desert

Enjoying the dunes on the final day of the trip

Namibia was a beautiful place, with wide expanses of true wilderness.  We drove for days on end without seeing any sign of other human life, let alone any actual people! Magical as this wilderness is it poses some field safety challenges as well.  The wildlife was magnificent, seeing zebra, oryx. meerkats, ostrich, springboks as well as regular signs of elephant and lion.  Care had to be taken around camp in the evenings and overnight.

It was also a good environment for putting driver training skills into practice.  We encountered deep sand, rocky terrain and some challenges for drivers and toyota landcruisers alike.  Sharp rock edges proved a challenge for the lancruiser tyres and we got plenty of practice in the challenges of changing tyres in remote desert environments!

field safety in the Namibian desert

Endless desert wilderness

Visiting rocky outcrops also posed some challenges with the need for careful group management, expedition leadership and outdoor skills to manage issues such as loose rock and steep exposed areas.

Through a combination of good field sense, dynamic risk assessment by the team and good pre-planning the trip ran safely and successfully and we all returned dusty, happy and tired for a much needed cool drink and hot shower in Windhoek!

Driver training in practice in the desert

Challenging off road 4×4 driving in Namibia

If you would like any support or field safety training to help make your field plans a reality please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  You can also see more photos from Namibia on our facebook page.

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