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Water Safety; Managing Groups Near Water


Managing Groups Near Water

Managing Groups Near Water

Training Expertise has a long history of working with people heading outside, be it to work in remote locations around the world or to carry out some fieldwork in the local park.

We are therefore excited to have been working with the Royal Geographical Society on the National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP).

So many Excursions, Adventures or Expeditions venture on or near bodies of water – whether a school trip rock pooling, an overseas expedition or university research into fluvial dynamics, or marine ecosystems.

Visiting water can often be the most memorable aspect of any work. Ensuring that these experiences are as safe and enjoyable as they can be for both you and the people in your care is essential.

The Royal Life Saving Society (UK)’s NWSMP is a safeguarding programme that can be tailored to your specific Occupational Water Safety needs.

The NWSMP gives people the knowledge base and confidence to plan in advance and the flexibility to dynamically assess the risks on the ground.

The course will teach delegates to analyse, plan and respond to a range of factors. This includes;
– What has the weather been like recently?
– How will this affect the activity?
– Are there other people in the vicinity that could pose a threat to our activity, or vice versa?
– What should you do in the event of an accident?
– What if someone has an accident in the water?
– How should I affect a rescue?
– How much time do you have to get them out?
– What should you do with the rest of the group?

This Nationally Recognised pragmatic, principle based course is fast becoming the standard for organisations employing people that work on or near water.

Our next course is on 11-15 September 2015. This course will be covering Levels 1-3, Beach, River, Still Water and In-Water Rescue. Day One will be in the River Thames near Reading and Day Two in the sea near Christchurch.

To learn more about this course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.