Assessor training and assessment

Develop your assessment management

This course can help you develop the capacity for management of large or remote teams of drivers.

Assessor Trainer Training

This course is designed for staff/ managers to undertake local assessments as required. The comprehensive course focuses on reinforcing driver competency and developing assessor skills. The course includes local legislation, coaching skills, assessing techniques, feedback systems, organisation policy, coached drives, peer reviews, training analysis and details of the assessment system.

Assessor Assessment

This two-part test starts with a driver assessment of the potential assessor followed by the candidate completing an observed assessment.The observed assessment requires another driver/staff member to be assessed. The assessment is pass / fail. The Assessment will want to see the candidate demonstrate Assessor skills from the training course.


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Assessor training and assessment is offered as a bespoke course. Contact us with your dates and locations

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